Focused on Team21

We have been lately often asked the one same question: Who’s actually Team21?
We’d like to introduce ourselves in today’s news.

Photo 1- Almost entire Team21: from the left – Daniel Nezmar (Lead
graphic designer), Marek Kačaljak (Music), Zdenek Rygl (Motion capture actor), Martin “Arbiter” Mikš (Lead programer), Jaroslav “Jerry” Knotek (Programer assist), Ladislav “Nefarit” Štojdl (Game designer), Yeve Drovosseková (Graphic artist), Tomáš Studnička (Motion capture), Jakub Ejem (Motion capture), Jan Tříška (Project assist). And the ladies below: from the left – Martina Nováková (Marketing), Heather Crowther (En-Translation).



Photo 2 – This is our main workplace. Here take place numerous discussions, programming, modelling and overall all the important stuff . The empty space next to “Arbiter” belongs to Dan, who´s at the moment behind the camera.



Photo 3 – Another view at our main office. Arbiter is just working on the combat-system.



Photo 4 – Jerry is tweaking one of our mini-games.



Photo 5 – A sneak peek into the cutting room. Dan is just discussing our music with Mark. Dan is actually our team’s main “all-can-do” man.



Photo 6 – Heather by dialogue recording.



Photo 7 – Yeve in hers element.



Photo 8 – Motion capture: Our swordmaster Zdenek just before a mighty slash.



Photo 9 – And at last but not least, one must never forget to have some fun.

Today you got to know our workplace and our very appearances. Be sure to check out our blog in the future for more details about each team member.