Combat GUI

Greetings to all DoA and RPG fans. Today we have some quite substantial news for you. As you certainly know, combat and its implementation into our game’s environment is the core element of  DoA.  You may get a taste of it from the following samples of our combat GUI. Let me remind you that our game is still in pre-alpha phase and everything you see is a work in progress. The whole GUI will reflect the resolution of your monitor and will be easily adjustable in order to match your personal preferences, at the same time. Got some interesting ideas or questions to the mentioned features? Don’t hesitate to share them with us! Thanks in advance for your feedback. Yours TEAM21

DoA_Team21_Dungeons_of_Aledorn_news_12_GUI_batlle_01 DoA_Team21_Dungeons_of_Aledorn_news_12_GUI_batlle_02 DoA_Team21_Dungeons_of_Aledorn_news_12_GUI_batlle_03 DoA_Team21_Dungeons_of_Aledorn_news_12_GUI_batlle_04

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