Introducing of pub dice minigame

Greetings to all RPG and dungeons fans. Today, we have some new information on the content of our game Dungeons of Aledorn. Within the world of DoA you travel the world and visit many a pubs. And it is in these pubs where you can play various minigames. One of them is a dice.
The game comes in part from Backgammon. The aim of the game is to collect as many points in several “disciplines”. Even though it is a Dice game and therefore the game is largely based on luck, it goes by a so-called strategy, through keeping turns.
The dice minigame of course you will not have to play if you do not want to. The DoA game will be finished without a single minigame played, if so desired. But for the hard-core gamers, we have several active anchievements linked to this mini-game.
We send 2 different alternatives of dice shape. If you are interested, let us know which you like more.
If you are interested in anything about the game, feel free to ask and all your questions can be answered.







Thanks so much for your interest, keep our encouragement and support us, not only on our FB site.