Sample Graphics – Alchemist’s fortress

Greetings to all fans of RPG games and DoA. Today, we have another example of graphics from our game. We will introduce you around the fortress Alchemist, which is  likely to feature within the main story of the game. The interior of the fort we have left for another time. If you are on location around the fortress and there is something that you do not like, please let us know, we will be happy if you will share it with us. Also we welcome any feedback.

DoA_Team21_Dungeons_of_Aledorn_news_13_alchemy_fortress_01 DoA_Team21_Dungeons_of_Aledorn_news_13_alchemy_fortress_03 DoA_Team21_Dungeons_of_Aledorn_news_13_alchemy_fortress_04 DoA_Team21_Dungeons_of_Aledorn_news_13_alchemy_fortress_05 DoA_Team21_Dungeons_of_Aledorn_news_13_alchemy_fortress_06 DoA_Team21_Dungeons_of_Aledorn_news_13_alchemy_fortress_07