Kickstarter campaign date changed to 11.03.2015 + new combat-prototype screenshots

After a long discussion and much deliberation, about the current status of our pre-alpha demo, the team has decided to delay the Kickstarter campaign until March 11. This is so that we’re able to provide everyone with a pre-alpha build that better reflects what we want to do with Dungeons of Aledorn. It was a hard choice, but it is for the best for both the game and for the Kickstarter campaign.

Please rest assured that we’ll be working hard every day until launch in order to polish our pre-alpha, and we hope to see you at the Kickstarter for Dungeons of Aledorn on March 11!

For now, we bring you at least a few combat screenshots from actual pre-alpha version, that you´ll get the oppurtunity to get your hands on during our Kickstarter campaign.