Testing the alpha version – an unavoidable delay

Greetings friends, gamers and backers. The alpha version of DoA should have been released by today, but most of you probably have already found out that it didn´t come true…yet. We had to postpone this release because of some still unsolved bugs that our troubling the current version of DoA.
The playable version from the early months of this year did undergo some heavy testing which has resulted into a fifty pages long bug report list. The whole team is working their backs off while chewing through the list in order to bring you a polished gaming experience, that you all deserve for your kind support and patience.
It´s hard to even approximate the new release date, so I rather won´t blindly promise anything other than an author gameplay video in one of the following weeks, so be on a lookout for some serious teasing before you get your hands on the game itself. Thank you for your trust and patience – the game shall surely be worth it.

With sincere regards,
for TEAM 21,