Alpha Released – At Last!

Greetings to all friends, gamers, backers and followers. Today, we have some good news, the twice-postponed alpha version of “Dungeons of Aledorn” (DoA) is finally here. We briefly want to tell you what you can expect in the alpha version
and why it took so long.

VIDEO: DoA – Alpha presentation
Starting today, a total of 119 backers are eligible to download and try out the game in its current state. If you hit the KickStarter rank of “Black Bear” or better, check you email for further instructions.

And now, straight onto the features of the alpha version. Your pre-designed party of 3 heroes (Warrior, Rogue and Wizard) finds itself in the small town of Manto. You can roam around freely, search for hidden treasures or enter into dialogue with some NPCs. You can also accept a few quests and one of them can be even successfully completed.

When you decide to leave the town, you can head into the nearby forest area populated with some hostile creatures. Up to 4 battles are ready to test your strategic thinking skills and at the same time you can try out the feature to choose the exact spot where the battle will be fought. Defeated enemies can be searched for loot and equipment.

We recommend that you read the “Accompanying Document” contained in the downloaded files since you can learn lots of useful information there. The document also includes a list of implemented and not yet implemented features.

We will greatly appreciate it if you decide to spend some time playing the game and report any bugs or problems on our forum Fixing bugs and various issues was the major reason why the alpha version release took so long.

In conclusion, what does the alpha version mean to us and why did we decide to share it with you? As we promised on KickStarter, your opinion is very important to us and we hope that we will get enough feedback to ensure that our efforts are pointed in the right direction. DoA is being developed mainly for you and we are open to your suggestions in order to make DoA an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Accompannying document:

Accompannying document - part 1
Accompannying document - part 2
Accompannying document - part 3

Thank you once more for your patience and have fun testing the alpha!
Team 21