First Steps After Alpha Version

Greeting to all the RPG and Dungeons of Aledorn fans. Some time has already passed since our last news. Although we had been working even during the summer it did not go as fast as we wanted. However, now we are able to bring some news regarding both the project and our team.

Unfortunately our main translator Honza Říha has left our team due to personal reasons and we were forced to look for a new one. His work was completely overtaken by Radovan Mikš, the brother of our lead programmer. Radovan should orignally join our team later when the work on AI begins, but now we can also use his experience in translations.

We have also read carefully your opinions and feedbacks after the alpha version and our biggest problem according to you was the poor quality of dialogues. In this matter, we reinforced our team with Johan Justoň who already did a good work on video games before such as Inquisitor. We hope that his help will push Dungeons of Aledorn to higher levels.

The level design has already made a significant progress and we can show you a few screenshots from a brand new village of Condra, the infamous hideout of the pirates in the middle of swamps.





You can also look forward to various underground dungeons and tombs full of hostile undead monsters. Not only skeletons and zombies will cross your path during the main storyline but also many powerful higher beings and bosses.





We have also greatly developed our designer tools. Both DoA Editor and UniEditor have undergone many improvements that enhanced our abilities to design in-game locations and script events. We have already shown a few screenshots from our self-made software and in this update we add some more. New features include a container designer, an item editor and a text editor.

VIDEO: DoA – Editor kontejnerů

In the future we want to develop a universal editor to fully create any in-game scene including event scripts. Just load a 3D scene, place a chest full of pre-defined items, add some texts and define all events that may occur after looting the chest. Finishing DoA will be simple as that.

Last but not least we have to mention new sidequests that have been finished since the alpha version. We are slowly shaping our previous quest blueprints into real in-game quests. In the final release there will be more than 100 quests to complete during the gameplay. There is also a special quest category consisting of 42 quests that are available only to specific hero classes.

That is all for now. Thanks for your everlasting support!

On behalf of Team 21
Nefarit (CZ)
Radovan Mikš (EN)