Blog n.5 – Mechanisms of Combat_part 1

Reality in the turn based system As I wrote in a previous blog and in my combat mechanics, this is mainly about reality . I imagined a good fight from a film and I said: ' this is what a fight to the death by experienced fighters should look like. " For me, there was a hilarious fight in the movie The Bourne Ultimatum (incidentally, the whole trilogy is absolutely great => highly recommended). In this fight were two well-trained agents fighting against each other who attacked each other simply with what was available at hand, which is exactly as it should be. Now it's just a matter of how something like this can get into games and into the whole system. Let me tell you , it's not exactly easy. But when one tries to do something difficult , it must be started gradually from scratch. So I took the system based on action points and their implimentation in different events, and used that to determine what a chatacter can do. If you create a sufficiently large enough number of events , the player will really be able to do almost anything. The question is, of course, whether it would still be fun . It might be easy to state the character must kick a rat rather than a human, but [...]
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Continuing the composing team – Spring 2013

As I wrote in a previous blog , we found ourselves with Arbe in an uncomfortable situation. Our only prints left us. So it was clear that my main task now was to get one . Last time I mentioned that I signed up for a few courses. They were following Unity , 3Ds Max and programming language C. As I gradually acquainted with the course participants, I found that the closest games will be those of Unity . The Cčku I learned some basics , and honestly I do not really understand. Moreover, as I discovered ,Cčko is totally unsuitable for game programming , it's more of a programming libraries and even more such "low level programming ." I do not understand much , this is just my impression. Certainly there are those who are about to argue with me , but would very soon find out that it 's not worth it 'cause I do not know about anything. I'm not really a programmer . Of course, studying 3Ds Max I picked up considerably more . I learned the basic control software and absolutely the worst , directly catastrophic scenario, I was able to play with our little model . Throughout the course I had to add many hours of tutorials , but never mind. I had learned something. Of course I'm still [...]
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