Writing GDD

Considerations before creating Mechanics Previously on the blog , I dealt mainly with the gathering of team members and their benefit to the project. In today's blog I will change direction a little and outline for you how I acted when creating the game mechanics for the game. First, I made a thorough analysis of what drives my own preferences in today's games. Some frustrations are the common continuous simplification of mechanics at the expense of realism . If I go a little deeper, it is especially the very small and uninteresting inventory, the small selection of events and also the unrealistic fight scenes . I took these shortcomings , focused on the opposite and created one of the pillars for the tactical parts of the game . They are: a comprehensive inventory, combat mechanics and a great choice of events. At the same time , all the value of secondary attributes ( life, stamina , action points, etc. ) must always be based on the basic attributes ( strength , dexterity , levels ... ) and skills ( combat and non-combat ) . Figure 1 - Top left: UFO : Enemy Unknown ( 1993) ; top right: XCOM : Enemy Unknown ( 2012); bottom: realistic depiction of a modern soldier [...]
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Start assembling the team – October 2012

With the first version of the game design document complete (GDD ) I expected nothing less than to get at least another two members of the team and a graphics programmer. I myself at this time knew nothing of the programming or what graphics are concerned, and only knew the very basics of solid modeling (which is for gaming absolutely useless - as models are created with hundreds of thousands of Vertices - modeling for the engineering industry). Well then, what could I do better than to look among friends. Of course, I first went to see friends from Disney . They showed me a few simple engines and recommended some next steps . However, no one had the time to help me with my game. Furthermore, I threw up a network between the players or friends with whom I play, and I played a variety of online games . And it is here I met the Arbiter – a programmer who was no amateur :) Ok , so I had a programmer , now what was only left was graphics. How to get someone like that at all ? Well, since I was still a student of CTU , so where better to start than at school? So I threw a few ads up and even had the occasional comment, but usually it was not the deal, mainly through an inability [...]
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