How it all began – April 2012

Like most novice game developers , I started playing games from early childhood/ Not only on my PC but also board games and role-playing . From the beginning of my playing classic games, it was really hard and I cheated as much as I could , just like every child . Over time I started to understand that true gaming experience is about overcoming various obstacles , making hard challenges and just being exhilirated in the truest sense. Every time I came out of a new RPG or dungeon , so I was looking forward to endless hours of fun and thrill for the next time. But like everything in life , and games are continuously developing . And as I'm sure most of you have seen , games have changed beyond recognition. The matter becomes targeted mass , focusing on the broader spectrum of the population as this transformation has unfortunately come about, leading to irreverent different ( casual) elements that hard- core gamers ideally discourage . With each new game comes enthusiasm , but also disappointment (of course there are exceptions, but those are minimum). So slowly you can come to understand why I started doing Aledorn. So I stood before the question of how to begin. Nothing like [...]
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