October – November 2015 – what´s going on in TEAM 21 and development of Dungeons of Aledorn

Greetings friends, we´re bringing you another update from the development of Dungeons of Aledorn. As always you´ll get to hear where we made progress, what´s been added recently and what are future plans are. First and for many also the most important news is the long promised launch of our backers´ forum. You may find it at…

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Dungeons of Aledorn’s development update July – September 2015

Hello there, friends, backers and fans of Dungeons of Aledorn. The summer-time is over and with it also the holidays and numerous paralysing heat waves, that made our processors sweat like crazy. Luckily, we´ve all survived the above mentioned development obstacles and we´re all well rested and back in the game on 106% production capacity level. But even…

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Switching to Unity 5 – Village Manto

Greetings friends, backers and fans of our game, Dungeons of Aledorn. We are proud to present you today the first fruits of our successful Kickstarter campaign. One of our main goals was to upgrade our Unity 4 engine to Unity 5 Pro and thus considerably increase the looks of the game. The difference between the newest and older…

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DoA´s development update – May and June 2015

Greetings friends, DoA´s KS campaign has taken a great deal of our strength so we needed to take a few weeks off to catch our breath and to assess our options and next moves. We´re glad to announce that the work on our game is once again in a full speed and we´re already thrilled about implementing the…

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Sample Graphics – Old graveyard

Greetings to all gaming enthusiasts, fans of RPG games and Dungeons of Aledorn. Only three days left until the start of our campaign on Kickstarter. Thus, we bring the latest pre-campaign News. Today it is again a tasting of the graphics of the game. It is a cemetery, in which will take place one secondary quest task. We…

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Introducing GUI Inventory

Greetings friends, developers, players and fans of the game Dungeons of Aledorn. Time is running out slowly (10 days until the start of the Kickstarter campaign) and again we have something from development. This time we will show you how GUI inventory looks like. As is evident from the screenshots, the slots on the equipment will be more…

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