Sample graphics of the game – mountain town Manto

Hello friends RPG, DoA and fantasy at all. Today I would like to introduce another location, which DoA players can visit. This is a small remote mountain village, in which, however, any time you can spend some time. Plus, assuming that you love to do side quests on the top, you can if you want to.

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Blog n.1 – How it all began

Greetings to all DoA and RPG addicts! Im sure you cant wait for another flashnews! Today, let’s dive a little into our history. In this very first edition of my developer blog I’m posting someting on the creation of the project and its background. In the following days I’m going to update my blog with another news, mostly…

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Sample graphics of the game – below deck

Greetings to all fans of RPG games and DoA. Three days have already passed since the last presentation of the project, so we’re here today with something new to share, showing a little of our game graphics. These are some screenshots from one of the first locations that the player sees. It’s a boat deck. I hope you…

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Presentation of the game

Greetings to all fans of RPG games. This is the first of a series of “News” which we will be publishing at regular intervals. In this you will learn a little bit about our project Dungeons of Aledorn (DoA). DoA is a combination of classic old-school dungeon Crawler with modern RPG elements and tactical combat. Within the DoA…

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Reset the web content. From 1.11.14 each week we will publish two news for you. These news will create new web content.

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